Welcome to Knitkatpaddywhack!

Knitted spheres

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Knitkatpaddywhack! Let me tell you a little bit about it, and about myself. This is sort of a new blog, but also, my posts go back as far as 2011! Knitkatpaddywhack is the second generation of my first blog, which was called The Knitted Kitten, and my old posts from The Knitted Kitten have migrated with me to Knitkatpaddywhack.


What This Blog is About

This blog is a place for me to share knitting information, techniques, tutorials, and patterns, with all of you. There are also the odd posts about spinning (like this one and this one), crochet, and other yarn crafts (like dyeing yarn). And there are a few posts (like this one from Paris and this one from England) about when I travelled around Europe chancing upon knitting stuff everywhere, and miscellany like that. I actually have another post which you can read here which outlines in more detail what you can expect from Knitkatpaddywhack.

I want to start a conversation with you about knitting and other fibre arts. Fibre artists could easily become a dying breed, lost in a techy world. Yet, there is vibrancy in the handcrafts, and I want in. Do you? Well actually, I am in, and have been since 2010 when I picked up a few how-to-knit books from my local library. My needles have scarcely stopped moving since, and now I design patterns too and would be honoured to have others knit and enjoy them. Please check out a few of my patterns which I posted previously, like the Angelfish Beanie, the Lily Earflap Hat, and the Knitted Sphere Tutorial. I have many more waiting in the wings to be edited and published for you to enjoy.

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What would you like to see on this blog? Let me know in the comments below!

That’s all from me. Peace,