The Husband of this Knitter is Sweet


This is unrelated to most things, but I just wanted to share something fun my husband did this morning. After my shower I got dressed and went into the family room where my husband was playing with our little girl. On the couch, set up all nicely on my knitting so I could see it as I walked in, was this:

Child's magnetic drawing pad with blog name and logo drawn on it

Isn’t that sweet? My spirits jump just a little when someone I care about shows an interest in my stuff. Like when my husband, who was then just a friend, asked me to teach him to knit.

He was very proud of the cat he drew. Actually he gave me his opinion on my blog logo (which I designed), so he knows what makes a good cat drawing. The drawing pad was a Christmas present for our little Peanut* from my mum, and she likes it. I once drew a cat on it and meowed to show her it was a cat, so now she draws random scribbles and then meows. You can’t not laugh when there are kids around. Do/did your kids ever do funny stuff like that?

Just in case you’re wondering, yes that drawing pad is like a tricked out version of the ones kids had twenty years ago (you can find one just like it here, or at Kmart in Australia). Peanut loves it and as far as electronic things for toddlers go, it looks like it’ll teach well and not overstimulate. I must say it’s a little annoying and the voice they use sounds like a bored school teacher. Also it uses American pronunciations of things which would be fine but for the fact that we pronounce a few things differently in Australia. I just wanted to be honest about what I like and don’t like about this drawing pad because that link is an afifliate link and I made a promise to you that I’ll recommend products to you like I’m a friend recommending something I’ve used.

Also if you’re interested in what’s on those knitting needles, it’s a swatch for a floral edging found in Knitting On the Edge by Nicky Epstein (I also talk about it in another post here and I’ll do a book review for it sometime soon).

That’s all 🙂 . It made my day.



*My daughter’s name is not really Peanut, I’d just rather not share her name on the web.


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