Holiday Fun – My Daughter’s New Dress by Sew What

Baby Christmas dress

Hi friends,

This is a knitting-unrelated post, but still crafty. Mainly I wanted to show you the beautiful dress that my talented friend Miss Pond from Sew What Dresses made for Peanut at Christmas time. More on that in a moment.

When you read this post, I’ll be holidaying on Bruny Island with some dear friends of ours. Bruny Island is off the coast of mainland Tasmania and I’m really excited to visit it! In the nearly five years I’ve lived in Tasmania, I’ve wanted to go to Bruny and yet never been. Like much of Tasmania, it is well known for the beauty in the nature on the island. I’ll share some photos when we get back!

Beach Times – Also I’m Old!

When this post goes live it’ll also be my 28th birthday. It’s absolutely terrifying to think that I’m that old, yet it’s also a good moment to look back on the 28 years I’ve lived so far and how grateful I am for all of it. I have a loving husband who supports me and my creative pursuits. I have a gorgeous baby girl who makes me understand why parents say that their kids light up their lives, and makes me grateful for my own loving parents. This year will also be 8 years since I learned to knit and it brings me a lot of joy to know that I have had such a stimulating outlet for my creativity. On my birthday one thing I’ll be grateful for for sure is that knitting is in my life. And yes, I know many of you reading this will think 28 is just a spring chicken, but perhaps you remember beginning to feel old around that age.

My Baby Girl’s Dress from Sew What

But now, for this beautiful dress. I was delighted when Miss Pond made this dress for my little girl. She, for her business Sew What, makes handmade dresses for little ones and they are gorgeous. Being a crafter myself, I can appreciate how much work she puts into everything she makes! Miss Pond works out of Hobart, Tasmania. Please see her Facebook page here, and if you’re ever in Hobart, she has a stall at the All Saints Market in South Hobart, held on the last Saturday of the month every month but December (when it is held on the first and second Saturday).

This sweet photo was taken by Michelle at …ish Photographics. You can find her Facebook page here.

It has a cute, unusual collar, a long zipper which is great for dressing my busy baby, and I found the dress length to be perfect for Peanut who does equal amounts of walking and crawling right now, and gets hindered by dresses that drag when she crawls. I absolutely love it, and it suits Peanut’s colouring really well. We got plenty of compliments on Christmas day at church and then at my in-laws’ place.

Close up of star detail on dress

Miss Pond also made a cute hair clip to go with the dress, which Peanut promptly removed, but here is a picture of it for you to see.

Christmas star hair clip

That’s all from me for today. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves at this time of year, whether you’re planning a beach holiday like me or staying warm inside out of the snow. Peace,





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